IMP Homework Episode 5: Reverb: Convolution or algorithmic?
Monday, April 8, 2013 at 05:01AM


This is episode five of my series on music production for my Coursera class Introduction to Music Production. I discuss convolution and algorithmic reverb effects.


To the reviewer

This week was challenging for a few reasons. First, I'm not very familiar with reverb, possibly I'm not really fond of it. I find it very difficult to work with.

Second, adding example sounds into the podcast complicated the mix. This is the first time I've added sounds after the fact to a recording.

Preparing the sound samples was actually fun, since I love playing with drum machines and rhythms. I would have used a drum synth if I wasn't concerned I would have gotten lost in the synthesis process. I find drum synthesis sound design to be really enjoyable.

Finally, the time limit was impossible to meet this week. I was over by 1:18 in the final mix, but I was closer to five minutes before I inserted the samples.

Key terms

Algorithmic reverb: uses a mathematical model of a space to calculate the reverb sound of the modeled space.

Convolution reverb: uses an impulse response actually recorded in a space to create the reverb sound of that space.

Early reflections: the distinct echoes heard in a room immediately after a sound is made; they are usually the echoes bouncing off the nearby walls.

Reverb tail: the wash of indistinct echoes that blend together and linger in a room, bouncing back and forth long after a sound is gone until they dissipate and are absorbed by the room.

Impulse response: a recording of an impulse in a space (like a clap) that is used to re-create the reverb of that space in a convolution reverb.

Pre-delay: the time between the sound and its early reflections.


ValhallaDSP's ValhallaVintageVerb

2C Audio's B2

FXpansion Geist

FabFilter Saturn

Cytomic's The Glue

How to use convolution reverb for sound effects


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